The Lazy Way

A few months ago (Feb 25, 2010) I was listening to former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm describe Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s assault on public workers collective bargining rights on Lawrence O’Donnell’s Last Word as “a lazy governor’s way of getting what you need”– as referenced at  This got me to thinking how it just might be the pathology of republican/conservative/rightwinger in a broader context.

The premise is that when it comes to facing issues of complexity and nuance- things like social interactions where you need skills in interpreting and interfacing with a nearly infinite variety of concerns and diversity -these people just don’t want to work at it.  It is simpler and easier to just dismiss others, to ignore things, to find the easiest way to deal with the problems rather than find out what is really needed.  Governor Walker and his supporters are taking the easy path to dealing with others by just “ignoring and dismissing” them in removing their rights.

This is also present in the rabid responses the rightwing has to other important and complex issues such as global warming, evolution, marriage equality, pro-choice efforts, woman’s issues, international conflicts, immigration policy, diversity issues, market economies, capitalism, unemployment, workers rights, social security and medicare, support of Ayn Rand”objectivism”- the list can go on and on.  If you listen to the rightwing on these subjects with the same analysis as Governor Granholm has described you can see the underlying theme– Lazyness.

It is so much simpler for these people to ignore the science of evolution or global warming than to work on understanding it- Just Lazy

It is so much easier to have someone else tell them what to believe or think, like all of the rightwing echo chambers (Fox, RNC, Rush, etc), blind acceptance of their religious leaders, than to work at getting all the facts or even questioning their sources- Lazyness again.

The concept that they present that “government is bad” is really born out of  a simple lazyness to make it work.  Easier to not deal with it.  Too Hard.  Didn’t George W. Bush once say the The Presidency is “hard work”.  Can this be nothing more than just not wanting to work?

When confronted with the complexity of something like abortion- it’s timing, it’s reasoning, it’s effects- it is simpler for the rightwinger to just say never- The Lazyness approach.

Again, when confronted with rightwinger reasoning on these things I think it would best to look at it from the perspective that these people are just Lazy and call them out on that.  Many of the things they complain about is how they view others dilemmas – they claim people on unemployment are lazy, that claim that medicare or social security is a drain on them and that others are just lazy if they use it.  Welfare for others?  Nope, just lazy people on the dole.  This is all, of course, just projection onto others of what the rightwinger is most guily of -  Lazyness.  It is their true pathology.

To help this analysis see the Article entitled-”Low-Effort Thought Promotes Political Conservatism

By Scott Eidelman


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Where Evolution Went Wrong

The Difference between Conservatives and Liberals

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Easy Democratic vs Republican Handouts for Democrats

For Simple Political Reminders what could be easier than to hand-out, post, or leave behind business card size statements?  You can have statements on both sides. It is real easy to post these on bulletin boards or drop off on tables or leave with a tip or just hand out.   People take these things from your hand a lot more frequently than a routine 8.5 x 11 inch flyer.

What is presented on this page are .pdf files that you can use to create these mini-flyers.  It’s real simple.

Suggested Frontside Printout Example:


Suggested Backside Printout Example:

The only statements available are those you see listed below.  Just click on the file you are interested in.  What you will print is represented in the link name.  Print out the file (careful with your paper feed because you may want to print an opposing message on the back and consistent alignment for both sides is essential ).  You will print 10 per page.

Select the next file for the backside print.   Take your first print copy, turn it over, and then place it carefully aligned in the printer and print out the second file.

You will, of course, have to cut between the images and trim the edges to get your 10 “cards”,  but if you print (or have  xerox copies made) multiple times you can cut them “en-masse”.

.pdf Files Available


Vote Change Vote Democratic

Vote for People Vote Democratic


A Vote Republican is a Vote for Arrogance

A Vote Republican is a Vote for Class Warfare

A Vote Republican is a Vote to destroy the Constitution

A Vote Republican is a Vote for Corporate Control of our Government

A Vote Republican is a Vote for Corruption

A Vote Republican is a Vote for Higher Deficits

A Vote Republican is a Vote for Fascism

A Vote Republican is a Vote for Fear

A Vote Republican is a Vote for the return of Feudalism

A Vote Republican is a Vote for loss of Freedoms

A Vote Republican is a Vote for taxing our Grandchildren now

Republicans can not win in a Fair and Honest Election

A Vote Republican is a Vote for Hunger

A Vote Republican is a Vote for Hypocrisy

A Vote Republican is a Vote for Incompetence

Republicans are unfair, inept, and incapable of governing

A Vote Republican is a Vote for Loss of Jobs

A Vote Republican is a Vote for Lies

A Vote Republican is a Vote to destroy Middle Class

A Vote Republican is a Vote for an Oligarchy

A Vote Republican is a Vote for One Party Rule-like China

A Vote Republican is a Vote to increase the number of Poor

A Vote Republican is a Vote for Smoke and Mirrors

A Vote Republican is a Vote for a Theocracy

A Vote Republican is a Vote for Tyranny

For those who like a variety mix;  these files were created from the above Republican statements and you will have to open the files to see what you will get.

A Vote Republican is a Vote for ……….Mix#1

A Vote Republican is a Vote for……….Mix#2

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